FAQ – Frequently asked questions



  • Before the boarding
    • Clean your hands
  • During the journey
    • Use the face mask
  • We strictly comply the legal capacities


Are the departure schedules updated?

The schedules, journeys and days of departure specified in the process of purchasing in our website are fully updated

Where can I buy my tickets or rent a boat?

Advanced ticket sales for Sa Calobra and Cala Tuent

  • In the official website for advanced sales of vouchers (10% discount)
    • It is only available until 20.00h from the previous day
    • The vouchers must be changed for the tickets at the ticket office
  • Ticket office: commercial harbour, local 2-3 S/N 07108, Port de Sóller, Illes Balears
    • The ticket office just sells tickets, according to availability
  • Is it possible to pay stright on the boat?
    • Yes, it is possible to boy your ticket on board.

Rent a boat with a skipper

  • Journeys: We have several boats adapted to the number of passangers according to the groups and destinations
  • Excursions: We have several boats to do private tours, excursions, snorkel… of 2 or 4 hours of duration, as well as half or full day
  • To make a reservation please fill up the form in our contact page of our website

Rent a catamaran with a skipper

  • To rent an exclusive catamaran available for a maximum group of 10 people, please use the contact form in our contact page of our website

Is there a maximum number of tickets that I can buy?

In the official website, the maximum purchase is for 10 tickets

Ticket office: There is no limit

Is the ticket nominative? Do I have to show my DNI or original passport?

No, the ticket is not nominative

No residents: In the case of reservations done through our official website, the owner of the reservation must show a valid ID to obtain the tickets

Residents: To obtain the ticket with the descount of a resident it is compulsory to show a valid DNI

It is compulsory to keep the ticket during the whole trip.

Can I change the date of my ticket? 

Once the purchase is confirmed, the dates cannot be modified. During the purchase there is a summary before you proceed to the payment in order to check all the details.

Remember to be punctual according to the selected time due to the control of maximum capacity we recommend you to stay at least with 30min in advance. After this time has passed you will loose your right to enjoy the excursion.

In the case that there might be an error during your online purchase, please send us an e-mail with the incedences and/or the corrections to reservas@barcosazules.com

Is my voucher refundable?

Any purchase is firm. During the process of purchasing you declare that you have read and accepted the general sales conditions  that indicate the time and date when the tickets are valid.

We remind you that, after the confirmation of the purchase, the tickets are not refundable with these exceptions:

  • When it has not been possible to do the journey to any circumstance chargeable to Excursiones Marítimas Puerto de Sóller S.L.
  • The reservations of the excursions made and paid in advance can be canceled with the right of their refund, previously deducted the cancellation costs, according to the booking conditions in our official website.

How can I pay the tickets on internet?

You can pay your tickets in our website using Bizum and/or any type of Visa, Máster Card, Diners Club, JCB, Union Pay regardless your country of origin.

If you have any question about your card, please contact with your bank

The cards associated with secure online commerce usually send a message via SMS in order to confirm the operation.

How can I get my discount as a resident?

To get the discount as a resident when you do your online purchase:

  1. Mark que option in the form «Select this option if there is a Balearic resident among the travelers»
  2. First, mark the total number of people who will travel
  3. Second, mark how many of them are residents

Can I book my tickets online and pay them later?

The purchase of tickets via internet is linked to the payment at the same moment. As the demand of tickets is quite high, our sales online platform DOES NOT offer the possibility to book a ticked and pay later.

The purchase is final and firm

Can I have my ticket in my mobile phone?

Due to technical reasons the voucher that you buy via internet must be redeemed for your boarding card before the boarding.

Do minors require a boarding pass?

Even they are free, it is compulsory that minors have their own boarding pass

The tickets for minors between 0 and 5 years must be booked when you do your purchase and managed with the rest of the adult tickets.

To have a ticket is a warranty for any incident that may occur during the trip.

I haven’t received my voucher via e-mail. What can I do?

The confirmation e-mail may take a while to reach your inbox according to the platform that you might have used, please wait a while before taking any action.

Once you have checked in your Spam folder we recommend you to contact with our call center at +34 971 63 01 70 in order to solve this issue as soon as possible.

Is it necessary to identify myself for the reduction of the price?

Yes, if you enjoy a ticket with a dicount you must show a valid ID in the ticket office. It must show the place of residence of the holder who will enjoy the price reduction.

We recommend you to come with enough time in advance to our ticket office to do this operation and get your final ticket.


How long is the trip?

The boat trip Sóller – Sa Calobra or viceversa has an approximated duration of 1h per trip. You can download our official travel guide here.

How long does it takes to go from Sa Calobra to the Torrent de Pareis?

The walk from the pier in Sa Calobra the the Torrent de Pareis and viceversa has an estimated duration of 10 minutes walking a pedestrian path.

How long can I enjoy my visit in Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis?

You can calculate your available time remembering that the boat trip takes around 1h


Restaurant: There are some restaurants available with different types of food.

There is available a Paella menu or a special menu for kid to enjoy on yourself or with your family/friends in the restaurant of hotel La Calobra, you can make your previous reservation calling to: +34 971 63 01 70

Picnic: You have the option to take some picnic with you, please just keep in mind that the garbage has to be left in the places set up for this purpose


You can learn a bit more about one of the mos unique landscapes in Mallorca in our website