Mallorca and the Serra de Tramuntana hide a treasure called Tuent

Cala Tuent, the largest unspoilt beach in the Tramuntana mountain range

Cala Tuent, the largest unspoilt beach in the Tramuntana mountain range, is a disconnection refuge for many inhabitants of Soller, due to its proximity to the port of Soller, its easy access by boat, its crystal-clear waters and the fact that it is not very crowded.

Would you like to visit this beach? How do you want to go? By bicycle along a spectacular road, along its hiking route that runs by the sea or with a totally different view, in a boat ride visiting the entire impressive north coast of Mallorca? Would you like to know what options you have? how to get there? what to do? keep reading and we’ll tell you everything.

Located about 5.5 nautical miles north of the Port of Sóller, it is between Sa Costera and Sa Calobra.

It is one of the few coves throughout Mallorca with completely unspoilt beaches and has an approximate length of about 180 meters, placing the large natural bay open to the northwest.

Surrounded by forest and some of the highest peaks on the island, the landscape is a spectacular combination of contrast between the sea and the mountains, the interaction of colours and its crystal clear waters make it one of the most sought-after beaches in Mallorca.




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Where is Cala Tuent Mallorca?

This incredible spot, a mixture of sea and mountains, is a must for anyone who wants to discover Mallorca, ideal for relaxing, going with family or friends.

How to get there?

How to get to Cala Tuent by boat

Vista de la Playa virgen de Cala Tuent y su embarcadero

The boat ride to Cala Tuent is certainly an explosion for the senses.

Leaving in the boat of Barcos Azules from the loading dock in the Port of Soller, we begin to be conscious of the pleasant day of vacations that we will spend and the wonderful atmosphere of the place.

Port of Soller is the only refuge for fishermen for miles around due to the capricious geography of Mallorca and the steep terrain.

On the way we find a landscape that changes with every mile: cliffs, Mediterranean pine forests and countless marine caves at sea level or found on huge vertical walls, slopes, forests formed by erosion and the passage of time make up an orography that demands a visit to Cala Tuent.

All this bathed by a sea of crystalline waters that go from intense blue to turquoise blue, together with the blue waters that bathe it are a spectacle of light and color for the soul.

The trip by boat is undoubtedly the star method to enjoy the uniqueness of the landscapes and the charm of the north coast of Mallorca. About 5 nautical miles separate the port Cala tuent with its small pier from the port of Soller.

You can buy the boat ticket to Cala Tuent online or in the Barcos Azules offices, in the same loading dock right next to the municipal tourist office almost at the end of the street.

Basic information about cala tuent beach

Vehicle parking is regulated by ticket machines.

In the beach of Cala Tuent you will not find services such as lifeguards, sunbeds, loungers, bars, cafeterias etc …

Nor will you find a mass offer of restaurants in the vicinity. Near the beach, you can find a single restaurant “es vergeret” which is a 5 to 15 minutes walk from the beach. It offers a marvellous terrace overlooking the bay and serves very good paella and Mallorquin dishes.

Vista de Acantilados a la llegada a Cala Tuent

Trekking route, walking tour from Soller to Cala Tuent and return by boat.

Vista de Cala Tuent desde el barco
  • Duration: + 5 hours
  • Slope: 500 mts.
  • Signposting: Good
  • To keep in mind:
    • The hiking route from Soller to Cala Tuent passing by the Mirador de Ses Barques, Balitx d’Avall and Sa Costera is a long excursion so we propose three starting points:
      • Beginning in Puerto de Soller (longer) and parking your vehicle in the port, you climb in tram towards Soller and you go to the starting place, to begin from there.
      • Start at Soller for the complete route.
      • Start at Mirador de Ses Barques (shorter) and park your vehicle in the port of Soller. Go to the Mirador de Ses Barques using the bus line. Check here for schedules.
  • You must bear in mind that if you want to visit the old electricity factory of Sa Costera the journey is lengthened as you must deviate from the road to get there.
  • If the excursion takes place in the middle of summer it is necessary to carry extra water and to avoid the peak hours of the day.
  • Remember that you must agree to return by boat as there is no public transport in Cala Tuent.

We start the route in Soller at the bridge next to Bar Can Rave and go up the old Balitx road in the direction of Mirador de Ses Barques, a slope that goes up between olive groves and passes by “Sa Capelleta”, the hermitage of Santa Maria de l’olivar built in 1917 in a modernist style.

Follow the road towards Balitx d’Amunt to start the descent towards Balitx d’Avall, an old farmhouse converted into a farmhouse.

From the houses of Balitx d’Avall we begin the ascent to the Coll de Biniamar, a necessary ascent after which we leave behind the mountain along a path that runs along the slope and faces the sea.

Spectacular views accompany us until we reach the detour we will take if we want to go down to the factory that provided electricity to Soller until 1962. Continuing our way to Tuent, we must climb the small slope that is the Coll de Na Polla before entering the lands of Tuent.

To conclude our excursion, we return with the Barcos Azules taxi boat along the spectacular north coast of the Serra de Tramuntana.


Cycle route Soller-Cala Tuent-around by boat.


One of the classic routes in Mallorca is the Palma-Soller-Sa Calobra route, of which the Palma-Soller-Cala Tuent route is a variant as it shares a section of the Sa Calobra road.

One of the most spectacular roads in the world, protagonist of car advertisements, it was built without the aid of heavy machinery. The road of approximately 12 km was inaugurated in 1933, an authentic work of engineering that exceeds 800 meters of altitude difference a winding through the slopes of the mountain.

In order to drive you must be extremely careful due to its complex layout and the influx of buses, cars and bicycles.

It is a narrow road without white lines separating the two lanes of traffic, has few guardrails and on rainy days the asphalt becomes dangerous, although taking the detour to Cala Tuent is a little better.

When you arrive in Cala Tuent you can choose to swim in its crystal clear waters and return aboard Barcos Azules.


Barco en Cala Tuent

The adventure of diving in crystal clear waters with the pine forests of the Tramuntana Mountains as a backdrop.

Check here for timetables and prices.

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