Boat excursions to discover the most genuine and authentic Mallorca.

The boat is the best way to make excursions in Mallorca.

The best excursions in Mallorca are at your fingertips

There are hundreds of excursion routes through the Tramuntana mountain range, a world heritage site, which take you to the most remote places – routes of all levels and for a range of different abilities.

The longest one – the “dry-stone route” – crosses the whole island from end to end along winding paths that go up and down the mountains as they make their way through the Tramuntana mountain range.

Although, if you are planning your holidays on the island of Mallorca you can not return without experiencing the sea, feeling it on your skin as you enjoy the Mallorcan coast.

One of the best options to take in the beauty of a landscape that dazzles thousands of visitors every year is to do it by boat.

Cruising along the northwest coast of Mallorca, you will discover the singular beauty of a unique and privileged environment.

Visiting the coves and beaches of the north coast by boat, swimming in its crystalline waters, feeling the sea salt when the Mediterranean sun dries the water on your skin, contemplating the palette of colours offered by the sea depending on the different sea beds, being astonished cruising near the cliffs are experiences that will not leave you indifferent.

Take part in boat excursions to Sa Calobra, Cala Tuent, Sa Foradada, Cala Estellencs, Cala Deia or plan your own route with private charters.

From the Port of Sóller you can take the boat “Sa Calobra” that connects with Cala Tuent and the extraordinary cove that is the boat’s namesake: “Sa Calobra.”

This itinerary will take you less than 1 hour.

During the journey you will be able to relax, enjoy spectacular views and feel the peace that the sea transmits while admiring the incomparable beauty of impressive cliffs, coves of crystal clear waters and a succession of steep mountains that will leave you, literally with your mouth open.

The imposing Serra de Tramuntana seen from the sea takes on a magical dimension, a spectacle for your senses that anyone can enjoy on board Barcos Azules as there are different packages available to suit every budget.

Boat is the best way to get to sa Calobra

Sa Calobra is one of the most iconic areas of Mallorca.
Its access by road is very complicated. That is why one of the best and safest ways to get to know it is by boat.

Sa Calobra is made up of two beaches. The first, where the boat leaves you, is a tiny sandy beach 30 metres long.

From here you can walk along a beautiful path, always with the sea on your left, for approximately 900 metres, passing through narrow tunnels until you reach the mouth of the Torrent de Pareis and, therefore, the other beach.

It is one of the most remote and beautiful coves in Mallorca with crystalline, turquoise blue waters.

Services in sa Calobra

In sa Calobra, the visitor will not find any aquatic activity and does not need it!

The landscape, the atmosphere and the colours are a real explosion for the senses.

It is a virgin, highly protected and natural spot. That’s why there are no sun loungers or umbrellas.

The traveller must bring his own towel that can be spread on sand or pebbles. On the other hand, you will find several bars and restaurants that offer some Mallorcan dishes such as paella, a traditional Mallorcan dish called tumbet and fresh fish.

Another good option for travellers is to bring their own picnic and eat on the beach. However, don’t forget to pick up any rubbish at the end.

Sa Calobra: the favourite excursion for cyclists visiting Mallorca

The access road to sa Calobra is one of the favourite roads for cyclists who visit Mallorca and want to add beauty and challenge to their route through Mallorca on two wheels.

If your idea is to get to Sa Calobra by bicycle, you should know that this is one of the busiest routes, both for cars and cyclists who use this road for training.

Before starting, you should also be aware that this is one of the most intense routes, accumulating more than 2340 meters of rough ground in just 77 km.

A good way to discover it is to start from the Port of Sóller and head up towards Puig Major.

After passing the reservoirs of Cúber and Gorg Blau you will find, in a few kilometres, the detour to Sa Calobra, which is conveniently signposted from the MA-10.

Despite being one of the hardest routes for cyclists, it offers several stretches to rest and recover.

The descent to the cove on two wheels is one of the most impressive experiences for any cyclist who visits the island. In addition, as a prize, once in Sa Calobra, you will be able to get on one of the boats of Barcos Azules and return to the Port of Sóller to marvel at the mountainous landscape from the sea.



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