Hiking routes in Mallorca with boat trip

Hiking routes that end or begin with a boat trip along the most spectacular coast of Mallorca.

One of the most spectacular routes in Mallorca is undoubtedly the Serra de Tramuntana.
Hiking has become a widespread practice in Mallorca

It is really exciting to discover landscapes and hidden bays while walking through the Serra, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the Landscape category.




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S'entreforc i torrent de Pareis: a hiking trail in the north of Mallorca

Without a doubt, one of the most magical and spectacular places in Mallorca.
It is one of the most beautiful and satisfying places for every hiker. However, the experience of descending the Torrent de Pareis can sometimes be risky. Therefore, before starting, you should know that this is a complicated route and that you need good physical condition and some experience in mountaineering and good equipment as walking shoes and water.
One of the itineraries that we will suggest to you to reach Sa Calobra starts at the “cases d’Escorca” on the road C-710 between Lluc and Sóller.
On the other side of the “cases d’Escorca” there is the path that leads down to a stone wall that leads us without difficulty to the bed of the stream.
The descent of the Pareis torrent from s’entreforc is not comparable to a ravine descent, although in some areas there are complicated steps where it is advisable to be guided by ropes, depending on the ability of the hiker.

We walk about 1 hour to s’Entreforc, where we take the road to the right.
S’Entreforc is the junction where the Torrent de Lluc (through which we came) and the Torrent del Gorg Blau (the left) join to form the Torrent de Pareis.
We go through spectacular walls (some of them over 200 metres long and a symbol of Mallorcan climbing), large rocks and some beautiful waterfalls.
Shortly after s’Entreforc we find the first waterfall. We pass some pools and follow the steps carved into the rock.
From here we have to follow the milestones and footsteps of earlier hikers to find the best path.
The total duration of the tour is 4 hours and although some sections are difficult, it is a route that can easily be covered on foot. It is important to keep in mind that the physical form is important here, as the experience is not suitable for people without experience. Note the weather forecast, if it has rained or threatens to rain, you should stop the descent and you broke suitable footwear like good mountain boots…
Arriving at the beach, we take one of the boats that connect the port of Sóller with Sa Calobra every day.

Hike to Cala Tuent and return by boat to Sóller

For lovers of hiking, we suggest another route, a little easier: to reach Cala Tuent on foot.
The excursion starts at the Mirador de ses Barques, where you can park your car. The duration of this excursion is almost 4 hours and during our journey we cross olive terraces and hike with exceptional views of the sea and the north coast of Mallorca.
From Mirador de Ses Barques we take a dirt road towards Font de Bàlitx, where we arrive in half an hour between olive groves.
From there we continue along a paved road to Bàlitx d’Avall.
From this farmhouse and along the signposted path we reach Coll de Biniamar and in 45 minutes we reach the fork in the Font des Verger.

As an anecdote, you must know that thanks to the abundant current from this well, it was possible to install the electricity factory that supplied energy to Sóller until 1962.
After this fork, the road gradually rises.
We cross a dividing wall and arrive at the Coll de na Polla, where we continue our descent through olive groves and then through asphalt road.
Turn left and after a few metres, go down on the right through steps that will take you straight to Cala Tuent.
The “Blue Boats”, which connect this secluded bay with the port of Sóller, start from here every day on a pleasant, wonderful and magical journey.
See information on Cala Tuent – Puerto de Sóller departures (book in advance).

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