The most extraordinary excursion of Mallorca: the Torrent de Pareis.

Trip to the Torrent de Pareis by boat

The walk at the Torrent de Pareis is a wonderful excursion for experienced hikers.

Another way to get to know this treasure in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains is by boating.

Barcos Azules has numerous boats that connect the port of Sóller with Sa Calobra, one of the most spectacular corners of the Mediterranean, several times a day.

The boat trip lasts about an hour and will fascinate you.
Get on board at Barcos Azules and get ready to enjoy one of the most spectacular boat trips in the world.

On the route between Port de Sóller and Sa Calobra we drive along huge, steep cliffs, past beautiful bays and small beaches with turquoise blue water.

Arriving in Sa Calobra, you will find a very picturesque small beach. Once there and following a narrow path of about 1 kilometre, you will reach a second beach of stones and small pebbles, slightly larger than the first.

This second beach is called the Torrent de Pareis beach, because here flows the stream Pareis, and here ends the excursion for those who have decided to walk along the stream bed, which is located in a ravine.

It is a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters; a paradise for snorkelers and anyone looking for the wildest and most natural side of Mallorca.

The way back to the port of Sóller is with the sunset on the horizon, which creates a mixture of colours that make the trip a magical and unforgettable one.




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Descent on foot of the torrent de pareis, canyoning

The Torrent de Pareis is considered the most extraordinary excursion in Mallorca, one of the wonders of the island. However, some climbers and hikers agree that it is also the most dangerous.

The Torrent de Pareis is a canyon of more than 3 kilometres.
It starts in the area s’Entreforc, where the torrents Gorg Blau and LLuc meet at a height of 150 metres.

The path through the torrent leads to the sea, between walls up to 200 metres high, with a gradient of 5 per cent, which flows into the famous Sa Calobra.

Torrent de pareis

Torrent de Pareis-sa Calobra: the preferred route for hikers in Mallorca

The excursion along the Torrent de Pareis to Sa Calobra is one of the most popular routes for the most experienced hikers on Mallorca.

The Pareis torrent route ends in Sa Calobra, a bay of boulders known for the colour of its water, the landscape and the strange rock formations that adorn this natural and wild area.

This spectacular and rugged area was declared a Natural Monument in 2003.

The journey through the torrent to Sa Calobra takes between 4 and 5 hours.

The excursionist will be able to observe how caves, wells and cracks have formed over the years and due to the abrasive effect of rainwater, which can complicate the route and in some sections can even be dangerous if you are not prepared.

There are some complicated steps, so it is recommended that travellers wear good mountain boots with a good grip. In addition, it is a recommended route for mountaineers with some experience and good physical condition.

Neoprene is not necessary, but it is recommended to wear a 10 metre rope. The experts recommend making the trip in the dry period, between May and October.

Walk along the Torrent de Pareis and return to Sóller in Barcos Azules.

To get to the starting point of the excursion through the Pareis torrent, every morning there is a bus that departs from the Port of Sóller and stops in Escorca, close by, where the descent into the torrent begins.

At the end of the excursion it is recommended to return to Sóller by boat.
Barcos Azules has several boats that connect sa Calobra to the port of Sóller daily and at different times.

Sailing along the north coast of Mallorca is a visual spectacle that leaves no one indifferent.

It is wonderful to observe from the sea the splendid mountain range of the Tramuntana and to enjoy the varied colour palette that combines the green of the hundred-year-old pines with all the tones of the blue of the water and the ochre of the mountains.

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