Excursion to Sa Foradada from Sóller on foot, by car or in Barcos Azules

Sa Foradada: Discover it from Sóller aboard Barcos Azules

The excursion to Sa Foradada is an unforgettable experience.

Sa Foradada, is part of this small group of important places in Mallorca according to the opinions to visitors.

This trip, which can be made on foot, by boat or in combination with both, is one of the most exclusive and popular excursions in Mallorca,

In the heart of the World Heritage’s Serra de Tramuntana you will experience magical rock, spectacular scenery, crystal clear waters, romantic sunsets, and a picturesque restaurant.

The mood of the time has given way to Sa Foradada, translated “the Perforated”, the name for the perforated rock that rises about 400 meters into the sea and forms a small peninsula.

On top of the hill overlooking a very special little restaurant, you can enjoy a good meal and paella by the wood fire.

It is not difficult to find some famous personalities on your visit: singers, politicians, world-class artists are often sighted by visitors.

Located on the north coast of Mallorca, between Soller and Valldemossa, near Deià, it is a unique location with a privileged landscape in the middle of the Serra de Tramuntana, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Getting to “Sa Foradada” is a beautiful, relatively easy experience and can be done in three different ways: by car, on foot or in one of the Barcos Azules boats starting from Sóller.

Hike through the valley of Sóller and visit Sa Foradada on foot.




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What is Sa Foradada?

Sa Foradada is a peninsula to the south of the Port of Sóller, about 5 nautical miles away.

It is an extension of the Serra de Tramuntana, which extends about 400 metres inland and ends in a rock cross-formation that forms a small port open to the south.

The main feature of the complex is a large natural hole formed in the rock of the last section of the peninsula. The name derives from this fact, because in Mallorca “Foradada” means hole.

It is a unique spot that is difficult to reach by land, so Barcos Azules gives you the opportunity to enjoy this privileged landscape in peace and quiet and admire one of Mallorca’s most beautiful sunsets.

Your private trip to Sa Foradada is possible with Barcos Azules!

Sa Foradada Excursion on foot

The hike to Sa Foradada begins past a barrier and leads through beautiful olive terraces.

The descent to Sa Foradada is completed in about 50 minutes and the level of difficulty is low, although the ascent seems eternal in the hottest months.

The whole route is downhill, and since there are no shortcuts, simply follow the path indicated.

Halfway down there are the caves of Son Marroig, where you can also enjoy a new perspective of the rocks.

At the end of the tour you will reach a small jetty with a small rocky beach where you can swim.

The crystal clear water allows both the youngest and the oldest to enjoy snorkeling and discover the impressive seabed.

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Restaurant Sa Foradada, Deia

The restaurant is in a privileged spot whose terraces dominate the visual spectacle of the Mediterranean Sea, the North Coast, the Foradada and its pier.

Among the dishes offered by the restaurant’s menu is the famous paella made on a wood fire.

You can try it on one of its terraces and enjoy the spectacle of the seabed that colours the sea from turquoise to navy blue in whimsical shapes.

From the terraces you have a wonderful view of the north coast of Mallorca and the Mediterranean Sea. If you intend to eat there, it is advisable to book in advance.

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Oh capapuig amarrado

Return of hikers by boat

The best way to return from your trip to Sa Foradada is to take a leisurely stroll along the coast.

The combination of returning from Sa Foradada by boat is the best option, as the ascent seems to be eternal after a good meal or swim.

Barcos Azules has a wide range of boats to suit your schedules and number of passengers.

If you cruise from Sa Foradada to the port of Sóller by boat, you can end a spectacular day by discovering the impressive coastline, its cliffs, its seabed and on your way Cala Deia, Lluc Alcari, Es canyeret, Alcunaser etc…. After a pleasant boat ride, you will return to the Port of Sóller with the possibility of exploring the impressive valley of Sóller by tram.

This is the cradle of hiking and walking lovers, where you can start the best excursions in Mallorca in the impressive Serra de Tramuntana.

A visit to Sa Foradada by boat is an important excursion in Mallorca.

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Sa Foradada by boat

An alternative to reach Sa Foradada without having to walk is to rent a private charter trip aboard one of the Barcos Azules boats.

The departure is from the Port of Sóller and the distance is about 5 nautical miles.

Barcos Azules offers you the opportunity to discover this spectacular landscape from the sea, only within reach of privileged sailors.

Another possibility is to experience one of the most romantic and beautiful sunsets of Mallorca from the sea with the Sunset Charter.

You can choose the time and type of boat you wish to use for this maritime excursion from Sóller.

The north coast of Mallorca offers a breathtaking and unique landscape. With beautiful beaches and crystal clear coves, you can enjoy wild nature on the way to Sa Foradada, with incredible cliffs and rocky areas among pine groves.

Just behind the Sa Foradada rock, the sea plays between dark and turquoise blue, making this place a true paradise.

If you want to visit Mallorca and go on excursions in Sóller, cruising to Sa Foradada is an experience not to be missed.

It is a must for those who have already succumbed to the charm of the beautiful valley of Sóller and its orange trees and also want to discover the hidden wonders from the sea and the coast in this wonderful area of Mallorca.

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Sa Foradada, how to get there by car.

If you choose to drive from Palma to Sa Foradada by car, you must take the road to Valldemossa.

Once we have passed the village that Chopin fell in love with and that is worth a stop, we have to take the road to Deià.

Passing the hotel “El Encinar” and in front of the village, we see on the left the entrance to Son Marroig estate.

The Son Marroig viewpoint is the perfect place to take your photos.

From here you have a spectacular view of the landscape of the Mallorcan coast, the peninsula and the Sa Foradada hole, which can be seen from various points of the Tramuntana mountain range.

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